1. Favourite Characters played by Aishwarya : Parvati ” Paro ” Chakraborty

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    James Vincent McMorrow - We Don’t Eat

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  4. Keira Knightley photographed by Francesco Guicidini for The Sunday Times Culture (2014)

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    I think we all have that book that you regret buying

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  8. "and I’m over it,
    I’m over it,
    I promise I’m over it.
    But it still hurts sometimes."
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  10. am i laughing? am i crying? i’m not even sure anymore. 

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    If my bangles don’t get stuck to a guys kurta sleeve at least once in my life time, I will die a sad Brown girl.

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    She’s unreal.

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    Embroidered Leaves by Hillary Fayle. (photos: Natalie Hofert)

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